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The Boston Public Schools Promotion Policy

The Boston Public Schools are committed to ensuring that every graduate is a lifelong learner, productive worker, responsible citizen, and thoughtful participant in our diverse communities. Every teacher, administrator, parent and other adult involved in the lives of our students shares in the responsibility to ensure that all students meet these expectations.

The Promotion Policy has been developed to complement the expectations and responsibilities we have set forth in the BPS Citywide Learning Standards.

The Promotion Policy:
further defines the expectations we hold for all students and the support strategies we need to employ to ensure their success;
ensures promotions are earned and based on academic achievement;
diminishes grade retentions to the greatest extent possible;
ensures students will enter classrooms with the skill and knowledge necessary to do grade-level work, and graduates will possess the academic competencies necessary for higher education, adult life and employment;
ensures students are prepared to pass the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS);
establishes a process that supports students and demands hard work from them;
recognizes that students learn at different rates and calls for organizational structures that respond to students' differences; and
defines those inputs and outcomes for which teachers, administrators, parents and students are accountable.

Promotion Requirements: Elementary School Level


Each year, students must complete required products-for example, a literature notebook or science investigation. Students' grades on the products will account for at least 20% of their year-end grades.
Grades K-5: Take and pass English Language Arts (or ESL) and Mathematics each year.
Grades K-3: Take Science & Technology and History & Social Science.
Grades 4-5: Take Science & Technology and History & Social Science each year, pass at least one of these subjects; take and pass each subject at least once between grades 4 and 5.
Complete a minimum of 90 hours of arts instruction each year.

To be promoted to grade 4, students must read a story at grade level (e.g. Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner) with 90% accuracy and adequate understanding (Developmental Reading Assessment level 38) or attain a score of Level 2 or better on the MCAS grade 3 reading test.
To be promoted to grade 6, students must attain a score of Level 2 or better on the:
MCAS English Language Arts or the Stanford 9 - Reading (multiple choice or open-ended), and
MCAS Mathematics or the Stanford 9 - Mathematics (multiple choice or open-ended).




For more information contact us at:

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