Ludwig van Beethoven Elementary School

5125 Washington Street

West Roxbury, Massachusetts 02132

Phone:(617) 635-8419 Fax: (617) 635-8155


The Beethoven Elementary School is a Boston Public School which serves 350 children in Grades K through 5. We offer integrated Arts and Technology programs to all children. We are an Early Literacy Initiative School and we are a NetDay '96 School.

Beethoven School Vision


Our vision is that the Beethoven will become a school where children perform to the best of their abilities in all curriculum areas. In order for optimum learning to take place, our students need to have the confidence to risk making mistakes, accept challenges, and assume responsibility for their learning. The teachers, while supporting individual learning styles, will create active learning environments in which children are able to interact thoughtfully and creatively with peers, communicate their knowledge, and develop their problem solving skills. The Beethoven school will be a place where children, teachers, and staff are happy, secure and excited about their work. It will be humming with the activity and the satisfaction that comes from working well together. It will be a place of colleagiality, where teachers share ideas and resources and continually seek to learn from one another. It will be a place where teachers are learners, and children are teachers. It will be a place where parents assume important responsibilities as members of the school community.

Beethoven School Mission Statement

We are committed to becoming a dynamic educational community by providing all of our students with the academic, social and emotional foundations necessary to become life-long learners. We develop self-confidence in our students by encouraging them to excel to the fullest extent of their individual talents. Our students develop intellectual curiosity, love of learning, and appreciation for cultural diversity.

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